The Alsubeaei family business has its origin as a trading house founded in Makkah by two brothers; Mohammed and Abdullah Ibrahim Alsubeaei in 1933. The family group of companies grew with the fortunes of Saudi Arabia following the Second World War.

The Alsubeaei Currency Exchange Company marked the formal entry into the financial services business. By the early 2000's, the company had grown to be amongst the top 50 companies in Saudi Arabia. The range of investments includes: financial services, real estate, agricultural (aquaculture), manufacturing, industrial and retail. The Alsubeaei Group of companies had become one of the prominent group of companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At the onset of the 21st Century, the family was actively working on the transition from the foundation generation to second generation. The family sought an approach that would optimize its portfolio of investments whilst maintaining the values that make it one of the most sought after co-investorz in Saudi Arabia and the region. This led to the decision to establish a professionally-managed investment company; Mohammed Alsubeaei & Sons Investments Company (MASIC).

Since 2006, MASIC has been in the process of transforming from a traditional family investment office to a professional and entrepreneurial private equity company whilst maintaing its focus on the values of the family including Shariah Compliance and social integrity. The company has been built from the ground up with a focus on managing its extensive current portfolio and actively seeking new oppurtunities locally, regionally and globally to achieve optimum growth. MASIC has employed the services of the world's leading strategy consultants to assists in this transformation.

Ever mindful of corporate social responsibility, the Alsubeaei group took upon itself to institute the MASIC Annual Investment Forum bringing together top economic, business & investments leaders from multinational organizations, academia & thought leaders to opine on the latest trends and disseminate their views in this ever changing global economic environment.

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